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Our Mission

Humble Cannabis Solutions is your strategic partner in delivering best-in-class and cost-effective distribution solutions, serving the needs of cannabis brands and retailers. We are committed to representing our partners as passionately as if they were our own, while growing businesses by providing data-driven insights, proven go-to-market expertise, and retail excellence.

We know that as a retailer, your time is money.

That’s why the Humble Cannabis Solutions sales team combines strategic planning with dialed in logistics, making us one of the most valued business partners to cannabis brands. We drive sales to over 250 retailers monthly, while offering Trade Marketing support that most distributers don’t, allowing us to support our partners by driving sell through and building brand awareness. Our two distribution hubs are strategically located for 24 hour shipping with a fleet of trucks ready to serve your needs.

Experience Our Seamless End-to-End User Journey


Consumer Brands

We identify the gaps in the marketplace
We solve for how to satisfy unmet needs


Best Brands

We curate a best-in-class assortment


That Drive Solutions

Data informs how we curate our portfolio
Data informs how we activate at retail


Trade Marketing Expertise

We develop custom trade marketing to satisfy individual retailer needs
We manage the end-to-end process


Retail Experiences

We help bring brands to life on shelf
Driving traffic, building baskets, enhancing margins


Retailer + Consumer Feedback

We identify why they buy
We develop programs to inspire them to buy again

Our Cannabis Partners

The words “DE LA BŌ” simply translate to “marijuana” in French slang. President of DE LA BŌ, Michael Baranchuck, has been a life long smoker, grower and distributor of cannabis for almost 30 years. “I felt like the market was losing confidence in the quality of pre rolls. I wanted to make a preroll that my industry peers or I would roll up ourselves” – says Michael. Using only the best indoor flower and a custom designed package that opens like a jewelry box, DE LA BŌ delivers the customer an unforgettable experience. “We spend a lot of time and care in everything we make at DE LA BŌ, to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality product”.

Visit the DE LA BŌ Website

Cookies was founded in 2010 by Billboard-charting rapper and entrepreneur Berner and Bay Area breeder and cultivator Jai. The company creates game-changing genetics and offers a collection of over 70 proprietary cannabis cultivars and more than 2,000 products. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company is actively involved in advocacy and social impact initiatives to enrich communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.

Visit the Cookies Website

EYEELLE symbolizes how cannabis helped us see through the bullshit and propaganda of society. EYEELLE embraces the impact cannabis has had on our lives by offering quality cannabis for the everyday smoker without corrupt prices or overhyped marketing and propaganda. Stay high and see through the smoke.

Visit the Eyeelle Website

Introducing Green Monké a cannabis-infused, lightly sparkling waterfall of flavor bursting with tropical fruit. Designed with a 2:1 ratio (6mg CBD and 3mg THC) to give you a lift with a balanced chill vibe. Green Monké is Happy Hour’s new Happy Soda! All laughs. No hangovers.

Visit the Green Monké Website

Herbarium was founded on the principle that cannabis is a vital and natural element that is beneficial to our daily lives. We curate conversations on cannabis and its consumption to push innovation and knowledge and advocate for the decriminalization of cannabis. It is our goal to share our knowledge about cannabis and incorporate it into your life in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Visit the Herbarium Website

Highsman is a mentality that is defined by an appreciation for greatness, and it comes to life as the official cannabis lifestyle brand of entrepreneur, thought leader and one of the most electric NFL running backs of the century, Ricky Williams. Once scrutinized by sports pundits and fans alike for using cannabis to “take care of his body”, the formerly infamous #34 is flipping the script with his new line of personally curated cannabis products, apparel, and accessories.

Visit the Highsman Website

Founded in 2012, Holy Water is a Bay Area cannabis company dedicated to pioneering high terpene extracts and innovative products. They have been consistently recognized for their commitment to excellence, winning awards such as the Emerald Cup’s Most Innovative Product of the Year and the High Times People’s Choice Award. Holy Water launched Holy Smoke’s, an infused preroll line in collaboration with top cannabis brands, combining their award-winning extracts with high-grade indoor flower. With a belief that cannabis is a catalyst for creativity, connection, and well-being, Holy Water crafts products that inspire and uplift, catering to the unique preferences and needs of each individual.

As the original and largest cultivator in California’s renowned Coachella Valley, our promise is simple and true. To produce a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, superior quality strains of cannabis. All on a scale never been before accomplished in the industry. Guided by this deep-rooted commitment, we’re the #1 recommended brand by budtenders for new smokers.

Visit the Kings Garden Website

At Lavinia, we’re in the business of spicing up people’s bedroom routines with cannabis. From THC lubes to gummies, we’re here to help everyone live life to the climax. Find our products at a dispensary near you.

Visit the Lavinia Website

Lemon Tree the world-renowned premium quality cannabis brand rooted in Santa Cruz, California. Our Cannabis, art, clothing, merch and culture creates mesmerizing graphical masterpieces that capture our community’s essence. With a decade of cultivation, our strains boast complex and desirable terpene profiles. From California to international expansion, we offer top-shelf cannabis products, embracing an “all-natural” active lifestyle. Explore our unique clothing and merchandise, a reflection of our dedication to originality and quality, a true reflection of our cannabis. Unleash the senses, Embrace the experience.

Visit the Lemon Tree Website

Keep it Local. Locals Only Concentrates provide the highest caliber of marijuana extracts with purity that would marvel any cannabis connoisseur. It’s a challenge to pin down just one way that makes Locals Only Concentrates stand out among the rest. In one word: standards. Locals Only Concentrates provide a standard of excellence in marijuana extractions unseen in California.

Visit the Locals Only Website

We are introducing a revolutionary way to get HIGH on the go. mӧӧds is a metered-dose sublingual aerosol spray that you can take and use anywhere. Each device contains 1000mg of cannabis in 5mg doses giving you ultimate control. Feel the effects within minutes instead of hours and get the most bang for your buck with this discrete delivery method. Try mӧӧds today!

Visit the mӧӧds Website

Phire Labs is an industry leading cannabis manufacturer based in Santa Ana, California. Utilizing state of the art technology and rigorous quality control processes we produce extracts that are connoisseur quality without ever compromising potency or purity. With over 14 years of licensed cannabis manufacturing experience Phire is excited to continue innovating and providing value for the discerning cannabis consumer.

Visit the Phire Labs Website

Top Shelf Cultivation is a distinguished California-based cultivator renowned for its unwavering commitment to producing exceptional indoor cannabis. With humble beginnings in Northern California, our primary focus has always been indoor cultivation, where we have consistently set new standards for quality. Our team possesses over two decades of collective experience allowing us to operate commercial grows with unparalleled expertise. Through years of dedication, we have refined our cultivation methods to perfection. As a result, we proudly cultivate some of the highest potency and highest-quality cannabis in the industry.

Visit the Top Shelf Cultivation Website

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Our industry is one of the most rapidly expanding in the marketplace. With so many new brands launching every month, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new faces! That’s why Humble is always on the ground floor, at all the major trade shows scouring the landscape for the next big thing. This allows our customers to focus on what’s important, their business.

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Meet Your Dedicated Team

Chris Candelario


Chris is a veteran of almost twenty years in the distribution industry. He previously served as President at RYL Distribution, where he provided leadership across multiple areas, including sales, marketing, logistics, supply chain, and retail activation. Chris is a San Diego State University graduate.

Bobby Ashtiani


With 25 years of experience in Cannabis, Bobby has owned five dispensaries based in LA. He has a background in sales and finance previously working in the automotive business. Bobby has a proven track record of building sales teams.

Matt Chiu


With 25 years of experience in Cannabis, Matt designed and developed California’s first licensed distribution center. Matt has experience in managing, recruiting, and purchasing new brands. He has experience in all cultivation methods and hold a title of Horticulture Instructor at Amsterdam University. Matt is also a founding member of Ajang.

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