Humble Advantage

There’s a New Distributor in Town

We are the only fully-integrated cannabis solution of its kind in North America. We make sales, procurement, order management and fulfillment seamless; streamlining and simplifying the process for all involved. Driving revenue and growth while reducing your operating costs.


  • North American accessory distribution 
  • California cannabis distribution 
  • Warehouses in CA, TX, and Manitoba 
  • Customer service driven drivers 
  • Fast and frequent delivery 
  • Delivery to all major metro locations 

Sales Force

  • Sales leaders with years of experience 
  • KPI driven, results oriented sales force 
  • Retail relationship network built over 20 years with accessories 
  • Sales reporting tools 
  • Highly curated portfolio 

Trade Marketing

  • Trade marketing leader 
  • Deep understanding of the cannabis consumer & retail environment 
  • In-store merchandising support and POS development 
  • Sales training and bud-tender engagement 
  • Education specialists 
  • Branded activation support to engage consumers 

Accessories Advantage

We offer North America’s leading portfolio of cannabis accessories.

Leading dispensary businesses can see accessories as up to 10% of it’s revenue. As the leader in this category we are a natural business partner for retailers to give precious staff education time to. When we add a leading cannabis portfolio, we deliver even more value to our retail customers.

Canada Distribution

  • Humble + Fume is Canada’s leading cannabis accessories distributor.
  • We offer the largest range of products and accessories to legal dispensaries, head shops and smoke shops of all sizes. We work with industry leading brands, offering more than 10,000 unique products and accessories, with fast shipping.
  • We are here to help you grow your business.
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US Distribution

  • An affable partner to leading vendors of the smoke shop industry.
  • Windship caters to the ever-evolving needs of retail smoke shops, dispensaries, and sub-distributors worldwide. With our seasoned sales staff and passionate advisors, we aim to navigate the road of success in B2B wholesale purchasing.
  • We help smoke shops and dispensaries grow.
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