humble advantage

Founded on relationships, driven by results

We’ve been brokering deals in the cannabis industry before it was a cannabis industry. Today we leverage our connections, experience and customer-centric focus to deliver exceptional results for our family of partners.

National selling team & trade marketing advantage

Our business advantage also comes in the form of a large selling team including dedicated Key Account selling professionals who span Canada and offer a deep market penetration. Not only are we incredibly positioned to integrate your business into the Canadian retail environment, our unparalleled relationship network will truly set your business objectives into overdrive.

Accessories advantage

Accessories are catalysts for cannabis enjoyment

Leading dispensary businesses can see accessories as up to 10% of it’s revenue.  As the leader in this category we are a natural business partner for retailers to give precious staff education time to.  When we add a leading cannabis portfolio, we deliver even more value to our retail customers.

Let’s talk more about the humble advantage and how we can produce the transformation your business wants.

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