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We are passionate about building the cannabis business, with a penchant for satisfying customer needs. Led by pioneers in the recreational cannabis industry, we are positioned to broker the retail relationships you’re after, with a team of leaders that sets us apart. 

Humble Canada

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Jakob Ripshtein


Jakob Ripshtein, CEO, is an accomplished leader known for his strategic prowess. With over 30 years of success, his expertise spans growth, innovation, and commercial strategy. 

His tenure as Diageo Canada’s President and later CFO North America underscored his strategic vision and commitment to workplace excellence. Transitioning to the cannabis sector, Jakob’s leadership as CCO and President of Aphria was pivotal. He orchestrated international expansion, innovative product development, and seamless supply network integration, elevating Aphria as a premier supplier to Canadian cannabis boards.  

His leadership abilities, honed over decades of experience, are indispensable in navigating the dynamic and evolving cannabis landscape. 

Joel Mallard

General Manager Sales, Canada

With over 25 years in Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, Joel Mallard is a seasoned executive known for his diverse expertise in consumer and trade marketing, innovation, retail, and customer management. With over 15 years of leadership in the beverage, alcohol and cannabis sectors, Joel’s journey reflects his excellence in established companies and start-ups. 

His accolades include the LCBO ‘Partnership Award,’ consecutive LCBO ‘Retail Partner of The Year’ titles, and the Diageo Canada President’s Award. Joel’s visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and meticulous attention to detail define his approach. 

Particularly notable is Joel’s significant impact on the cannabis industry, adding a unique layer to his skill set. His unwavering integrity and proven track record further solidify his role as a communication and relationship management specialist. 

Alex Walker

Director of North American Accessory Sales & Procurement

Alex Walker is an industry veteran with 10 years of experience in the Cannabis ancillary market through various capacities. As National Sales Manager, Alex is responsible for preserving the integrity of our customer processes and generating revenue for our Canadian accessory brands. 

Her roots extend back to serving locals at a small retail smoke shop, forging interpersonal connections with customers, and crafting her trade. Pre-legalization, in a Sales capacity for the BOB HQ brand, Alex grew her portfolio to over $3.5 million in annual sales revenue. Post legalization with the introduction of the Humble brand, Alex was principal overseeing Sales Order management, the direct point of contact for the Humble sales force, ultimately proving instrumental in the brand’s early success. 

Praneil Rai

Provincial Sales Manager for BC, MB, and SK

Praneil Rai brings over 20 years of leadership and operational management experience from the restaurant industry, along with 2 years of cannabis sales and marketing.

At Humble, Mr. Rai is the Provincial Sales Manager for BC, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan, driving the teams in development and sales strategy to grow our position in these markets.

Prior to joining the Humble Team, Praneil worked in the restaurant industry as a Chef at Joey Restaurants learning leadership and business development skills where he moved on to owning and operating his own restaurant in the Okanagan. His Cannabis experience came from working with Great North Distributors where he was the Territory Manager for the Okanagan region where he also completed his Level 1 Cannabis training from Canna Reps Cannabis Certification Course

Chris Candelario

President of US Distribution

Chris is a veteran of almost twenty years in the distribution industry. He previously served as President at RYL Distribution, where he provided leadership across multiple areas, including sales, marketing, logistics, supply chain, and retail activation. Chris is a San Diego State University graduate.

Bobby Ashtiani

VP of Revenue

With 25 years of experience in Cannabis, Bobby has owned five dispensaries based in LA. He has a background in sales and finance previously working in the automotive business. Bobby has a proven track record of building sales teams.

Matt Chiu

VP of Supplier Relations

With 25 years of experience in Cannabis, Matt designed and developed California’s first licensed distribution center. Matt has experience in managing, recruiting, and purchasing new brands. He has experience in all cultivation methods and hold a title of Horticulture Instructor at Amsterdam University. Matt is also a founding member of Ajang.

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