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Leaders in High End Cannabis

The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. is the leader in high end cannabis. Supreme’s portfolio features products for all shoppers including award-winning brands like: 7ACRES, 7ACRES Craft Collective, Blissco, Sugarleaf, and Hiway.

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Canada’s Leading
Accessory Portfolio

humble+fume is Canada’s leading portfolio of cannabis accessories. A strong line up of Cannabis accessories helps differentiate your store from others, while delivering a healthy profit margin.

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Flower to the People

48North is a brand-led, consumer-centric licensed cannabis producer with an expansive portfolio of high-quality, accessibly priced products across the country. 48North has a growing portfolio of brands that includes: 48North, an innovative and high-quality cannabis brand focused on sustainability; Latitude, a next-generation lifestyle cannabis platform focused on sexual wellness, beauty and beyond; Trail Mix, an accessibly-priced recreational cannabis brand.

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Science x Creativity

Fume Labs are leaders in delivering True To Flower experiences through innovative concentrate products. FUME is comprised of two product lines: TR Signature which is created for true connoisseurs looking for premium, high-quality concentrates and the True to Flower line for experienced, high-frequency consumers looking for high quality concentrates at a good price.

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Expertly Crafted Edibles

Olli is a trusted leader in carefully curated, premier cannabis infused goods, offering delicious soft chews. Olli’s products epitomize the smoke-free enjoyment of cannabis with unmatched quality and taste without sacrifice.

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Brands on a Mission

Trust, Respect, Equality and Compassion: It’s in their name, and in their core. These values guide TREC’s journey of building a “for profit” entity that has a positive and meaningful impact on people and our planet. This allows TREC to set the standard for what is possible in the cannabis industry. With a blief that good values drive powerful brands to real success, TREC built their organization the only way they knew how — by contributing 10% of profit to transformative initiatives that positively impact our communities, society, and our planet as a whole.

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