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Building a highly curated portfolio of complimentary brands.

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A retailer’s decision-makers time is money. And when we combine leading brands in multiple categories, Humble Cannabis Solutions sales team becomes a more valued business partner to retailers everywhere. 

Canadian Partners

Avana has an unwavering commitment to quality standards behind everything they do. From humble seed to noble bud, Avana obsessively nurtures each magnificent flower to its full potential, so you can seize the day, every day.

Countryside cannabis is a trustworthy brand of simple, wild crafted cannabis. They offer a potent experience fueled to become one of the top extracts in Canada by offering the purest, most affordable live resin vapes, infused pre-rolls and concentrates

Ellevia products are offered consistently with preferred uniformity, which is accomplished with no dependence on cold pasteurization or irradiation processes across all their cannabis capsules, oils and sprays. With simple product education that provides clarity, reduces skepticism, and alleviates confusion you can integrate Ellevia into your practice that offers cannabis with confidence.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of solventless and solvent based extraction in the pursuit of making the best extracts on the market. We believe the value of an extract is measured by the ability to translate the essence of a cannabis plant’s unique profile into the final product.

Harts was founded with one goal – to supply affordable and consistent pre-rolls filled with nothing but full-flavoured flower. They made it their mission to raise the bar, and launched a brand to create convenient, flavourful pre-rolls.

Kalvara was born from a belief that enjoying cannabis could be easier, cleaner, and more consistent. Their aim was to create a smoke-free, no-guesswork alternative to other cannabis consumables. They have developed an all-natural cannabis-infused drink that delivers a fast-acting and precise dose of THC every time

Nuveev is a health and wellness brand that empowers users to discover the benefits of cannabis for targeted health concerns and everyday wellbeing. Their skincare and beverage lines offer a wide variety of innovative, user-friendly cannabis-infused products that are aligned with your lifestyle.

Curated Cannabis-Infused Goods (Edibles) For Life’s Many Rituals. Olli’s aim is to become a trusted leader in carefully curated, premier cannabis-infused goods, offering specialty edibles whose products epitomize the smoke-free enjoyment of cannabis, with unmatched quality and taste – and no sacrifice.

Wyld has also built a reputation for providing trustworthy, repeatable cannabis experiences which consumers can rely on. Not only do their gummies have great flavor, they are designed and continuously improved by the Wyld team of food scientists.

American Partners

Canndescent is California’s leading cannabis brand house and the #1 supplier of flower pre-rolls. The company has spearheaded multiple industry firsts, including replacing traditional strain names with effects to simplify the consumer experience and implementing the first commercial-scale solar-powered cultivation.

The Canndescent brand family includes goodbrands, Baker’s Cannabis Co., and JUSTICE JOINTS.

Highsman is a mentality that is defined by an appreciation for greatness, and it comes to life as the official cannabis lifestyle brand of entrepreneur, thought leader and one of the most electric NFL running backs of the century, Ricky Williams. Once scrutinized by sports pundits and fans alike for using cannabis to “take care of his body”, the formerly infamous #34 is flipping the script with his new line of personally curated cannabis products, apparel, and accessories– all provoking the Highsman mentality through deliberate Sparks of Greatness.

Humboldt Farms is California’s leading and trusted source for quality cannabis. We are committed to nurturing the body and soul and inspiring the mind by providing the world’s best sun-grown flowers and highest quality cannabis products from the wild and beautiful, Humboldt County, California.

At Humboldt Farms, we believe in the principle of CHOOSING KINDLY — for ourselves, our communities and our shared Earth. We aim to restore the health of the planet, to deepen the connection between us and the natural world, to cultivate meaningful relationships and to expand the human experience.

LEUNE is a California-born lifestyle brand forged on the principle of transcending the narrative of cannabis culture. Honoring a 3.0 consumer who knows that ‘getting high’ only begins to tell the story of what the plant truly represents, LEUNE is interested in elevating the conversation around cannabis. Through high aesthetic and uncompromising brand quality standards, LEUNE aims to create new ideals in the space.

Proof believes that consumers deserve reliable access to high-quality, effective cannabis products that are affordable for everyday use. With a full line of products, Proof offers something for everyone and every occasion. Whether you want to sleep better, feel more relaxed, or dance the night away, Proof products are a reliable, healthy way to enjoy cannabis. All Proof products are vegan, sugar free, gluten free, cruelty-free, and made by hand in Northern California. Woman-owned and operated.

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Some Brands We Work With

Our industry is one of the the most rapidly expanding in the marketplace. With so many new brands launching every month, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new faces!

That’s why Humble is always on the ground floor, at all the major trade shows scouring the landscape for the next big thing. This allows our customers to focus on what’s important, their business.

Let’s talk about how our portfolio compliments your brand in the eyes of today’s cannabis retailers.’

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